Chatter Integration in Laravel 5.8

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    David 8 months ago

    I followed all the steps...

    Everything works and I get a /forums page which renders just fine. My problem is the "New discussion" button does not work.

    Literally clicking it does nothing.

    I put yield('head') right bfore and asset('js/app.js')><gt yield ('js') just before the closing in app.blade.php

    What am I doing wrong?

  • W
    Webdevmatics 7 months ago

    While clicking new discussion button did you see any error in console?

  • D
    David 7 months ago

    None...It is frozen

  • D
    David 7 months ago

    Nothing happens....I am not even able to send a reply here

  • D
    David 7 months ago

    Its given me 404 error when submitting response

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    Solomon Hebert 2 months ago

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  • G
    Guram 1 month ago


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